Phil and Sylvia in Paris

eiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1I’m slowly getting together pictures from Paris to post to the blog. There are so many to go through and so little time with it being wedding season here in Dallas. But finding small snippets of time to pull images to show. Here are ones from photos I took of my parents throughout Paris and the finale photo shoot at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower. I’m so happy I could create some beautiful images for my parents to hold dear. Yes they are still the hardest subjects I will ever photograph. It takes a little bit of patience (even if they beg to differ hahahahaha). But the little bit of bickering is made worth it when they get to frame these photos in their house.
paris wedding photographyparis wedding photography

It took about 5 tries to get this photo to turn out but yep the leaves are real. I had my parents throw them up and then kiss immediately. I’m not that good at photoshop to actually have put the leaves in digitally hahahaha. Plus 5 tries sure beats several hours in photoshop any day!!

paris wedding photographyparis wedding photographyparis wedding photography

paris bridge engagement photo

The clouds we had in Paris were so beautiful and fluffy. I know they don’t even look real but I promise they were. We even had nothing but sunshine and 60 degree weather the whole week we were there. It really couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

paris wedding photography

Yep we did leave locks on the bridge with our names on them. This is the one my parents left.

paris wedding photography

We took a day trip to Normandy because it was really important for my Dad to see it. He is a retired Army Colonel. It was really hard to rectify the horror that happened on the beaches of Normandy with the beauty I see with my eyes. It was very surreal.

france anniversary wedding photos-1

At night, The Louvre is so cool and made even cooler by the bright moon in the sky.

louvre wedding photographyeiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1

My parents were awesome in getting up and dressed a couple of hours before sunrise so we could get these photos. It was really cool to be the only ones there for a good 30 minutes and watch the sky change colors as the sun rose. Even though I was behind the camera, I did take moments to stop and admire the beauty.

paris anniversary wedding photos-1eiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1

paris anniversary wedding photos-1

paris anniversary wedding photos-1paris anniversary wedding photos-1paris anniversary wedding photos-1eiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1eiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1

My Dad so lovingly calls these the photos where I grabbed your mom’s butt hahahahah

paris anniversary wedding photos-1

Perfect timing!!!!

paris anniversary wedding photos-1eiffel tower anniversary wedding photos-1dallas anniversary wedding photos-1

I do have a lot more photos to post, so stay tuned for more blog posts. Oh and if you missed them, check out our fun iPhone gnome pictures that we took all around Paris.

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