Funny Gnome Photos from Paris

Destination and Dallas Wedding Photographers in Paris

If you have followed us on Instagram, then you have seen a few photos posted from my trip last week to Paris. I will be posting several blog posts with photos from the trip because I took so many that I need to space them out. For the first post, I wanted to share the iPhone photos we took with our buddy Jason the Gnome. My brother could not be with us, he is busy saving and planning for his wedding in a few short months (yay!!!!!!). We wanted to include him in some of our photos so we bought this gnome statue and had a blast coming up with photos to take with Jason. It was hard not to just double over in laughter every time we came up with a new photo from him. Yes some thought we were a little crazy but hey nothing wrong with that hahahahaha. All that matters is we had fun and in a small way, my brother joined us for the fun.

Destination and Dallas Wedding Photographers in Paris

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