Fun Couple Portrait Session in New Orleans (I’m in front of the camera for once)

I am in love with New Orleans and the cool vibe of the city, the history, and it’s architecture and so is my husband Ray. And really what a super cool place to do a couple session, right!!! Ray and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage this year and 15 years (errr scratch that 16 years) together. So we are being more conscious about getting photos of us taken together and celebrating our love. We both talked about wanting to take pictures in NOLA but there weren’t any photographers I loved that were down in New Orleans.  So on a whim, I contacted Todd Laffler, who is based in New Jersey, to see if by a miracle he was going to be in New Orleans at all in the next year. Surprisingly enough, he was at the beginning stages of putting together a photography workshop there called Laffaway and was gracious enough to come a day early to fit in a portrait session with us.

We planned for Saturday but then had to push to Sunday because of my husband had to work.  When we arrive in NOLA, I immediately head to my hair appt only to find out, the lady that was supposed to do my hair, double booked (awesome right???). So I scrambled to find extensions and that was an utter failure but managed to get my hair halfway decent and do my make-up.  So I was a tad frazzled when we showed up. Yep even I get anxious and nervous in front of the camera, ok ok I was SUPER nervous. But Todd is the best and was so calm with us and we just loved working with him.  Seriously if you are ever in Jersey or New York, call Todd and do a session with him. He is soooo unique and I seriously love all his photos. You can totally thank me later (being totally serious!!!)

I really do feel taking pictures together throughout your marriage is important and I don’t want to not just talk about their importance, but show that I too think pictures together are important. And when I tell you I understand how nervous being in front of the camera is, believe me I get it. My husband and I get very nervous. But we put our trust in Todd and the results have blown me away!!! Truly the key is to just let go, have fun, and trust you are getting great images.

Here are a few of our pictures 🙂

todd_laffler 2todd_laffler

todd laffler 3

todd laffler 4todd laffler 5todd laffler 6


Thank you again Todd!!!! You truly are amazing and captured exactly what Ray and I wanted!!!

All of these photos are copyright  Laffler Photography –

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